Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Indus Valley Hair Colour is better for Your Health and Hair

Colouring the hairs with the artificial and chic shades has become very popular these days. Most of the people are using synthetic hair colorant products with an aspiration to give distinctive and appealing look. Earlier, such products are used to cover or hide the greys, but now it has become the swanky fashion statement, especially among the women and youngsters.

indus valley hair colour productsPeople are owning a product to give vibrant and radiant look by using brown, black and even blonde and blues. But the regular use of artificial hair cosmetics can destroy the natural quality of the locks. Obviously, these ready to use kinds of products can give appealing and professional tinting to the locks, but you may find various health and skin related problems.

However, there are many ways of hair colouring, among which permanent and temporary tinting statement are the common fashion statement. But these products contain harmful chemicals that have the ability to ruin the quality of the locks from the deep roots. Therefore, people are now moving towards the safe and healthy colouring concept via natural tinting procedure.

Today, people want chic yet healthy cosmetic to enhance their beauty. With the use of branded Indus valley hair colour, you can give safest and vibrant tinting experience to the locks. The brand is made from enriched natural and herbal extracts that can give appealing tint to the hair while respecting the natural quality and texture of the locks from the scalp.

The natural colours offer 100% safe tinting procedure as they don’t have ammonia, PPD, hydrogen peroxide types of chemicals. In fact, the affordable Indus valley hair colour has certified Amla, Reetha, Jojoba, Shikakai, Wheat Germ, Aloe Vera and other essential oils that work as a conditioner on your locks. It makes smoother, stronger and shinier locks and also nourishes the scalp with the vital nutrients and proteins.

The natural hair colorant is available in varieties of shades that are obtained with the nature’s tint, botanical powder and organic vegetable and fruit extracts that give vibrant and dashing shade to the hair, without any side effect.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Ayurvedic Hair Colour: Safest treatment to Cure Grays

The main reasons of hair fall or premature grays are stress, anxiety, and imbalance diet, extra consumption of spicy food or alcohol. Most of the people are suffering from premature grays in the very early age. In order to treat this problem, you need to use the natural based hair dye instead of conventional dye. Most of the market-based dye contains harmful chemicals that can harm the natural quality of the locks from the roots. Therefore, people are witness various hair related complication like hair fall, dandruff, dryness, dullness, itchy scalp, allergic reactions etc.

With an objective to cure these problems, people prefer safe and healthy colorants that can easily cover your pre-age grays and also give deep nourishment to the scalp. In order to cover grays, you can use the best ayurvedic hair colour which is a perfect blend of traditional remedies and modern technologies. The product offers 100% safe and pure colouring experiment, without any side effect.

The product is formulated with the organic components that help in giving a deep and long-lasting shade to the hair without any side effect. Such types of natural product contain natural formulation and ayurvedic remedies to treat the various hair related problems.
The most common ingredients available in the product are:-

• Amla
• Reetha
• Shikakai
• Bhringraj
• Henna
• Neem
• Wheat Germ
• Essential oils, etc

These components protect and nourishes the hair from the roots and treats the hair fall and premature like problems in a single application.
The ayurvedic hair colour products are available in different shades that are obtained with the mixture of organic veggie and fruits extracts and the botanical tint. These natural shades give safe and vibrant locks, without the use of any chemical formulation. Now, the health conscious or suffering from premature can use the natural-based dye to treat their problem easily and quickly.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Buy Ayurvedic Hair Colour to Avert Premature Graying

Ayurveda is a traditional medical treatment incepted in India and has been used for over 6000 years. It is one of the holistic and trustworthy medical practices used to heal the chronic and harmful diseases. Earlier, people used to cure their diseases by using the traditional method which is safe and free from adverse side effects. The ayurvedic herbs were used to treat the skin, eyes, and hair related problems. In the modern age, Ayurvedic treatments are zealously adopted by the world.

Today, most of the natural care products contain the ayurvedic extracts that are used to give safe and healing technique that helps in enhancing the natural beauty. In this list, Ayurvedic hair colour has grabbed the attention of the people who loves to do an experiment with their fashion statement. The product is made from the preserved herbal extracts and organic components that give vibrant and healthy coloring statement without any side effect.

However, most of the readymade colorants products have a certain amount of ammonia, PPD, hydrogen peroxide and other types of harmful chemicals that fade the natural tint and steal the essential proteins and vitamins from the roots. These chic based products can destroy the quality of hair and you may suffer from various complication problems like hair fall, dryness, dandruff, premature grays, allergic reactions etc.

Today, most of the youngsters are suffering from pre-age grays due to the excess stress in the professional life and consumption of fast food. In order to cover grays, they use chemical based products that make their hair even more worst.

Thus to get rid from premature grays, you can use exceptional Ayurvedic hair colour which is integrated with the enriched natural and herbal ingredients, help in giving deep nourishment and conditioning to the scalp and makes hair shine from outside.

The product has amla, jojoba, aloe vera, reetha, Bhringraj, neem, henna, indigo and botanical powders used to give safe and vibrant colouring technique without any side effect. You can easily buy the product from the trustable company offering wide varieties of shades at attractive price range.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Repair Damaged Hair with Ammonia Free Hair Colour

Most of the hair dyes have harmful chemical known as ammonia that opens the hair shaft to penetrate and absorb the colour. But this process can evaporate the moisture and dry out the hair and the scalp. Obviously, people use dye to cover their greys or to change the natural shade with the new one. But, regular use of such products may cause hair and health related problems. You may suffer from hair fall, dryness, premature greys, allergic reaction, dandruff and even asthma and cancer.

Ammonia Free Hair Colour

In order to treat this situation, you can choose No Ammonia Hair Colour that is made only by natural and herbal components. It is formulated with the organic vegetable and fruit’s extracts that won’t cause any allergy or any other ailments.

However, most of the products have replaced Ammonia with the other chemical which is less harmful as compared to the previous one. But it can also damage the natural quality of the hair. Therefore, people are driving towards the natural formula of hair colouring as it gives respect the hair quality. Moreover, it improves or encourages the natural growth from the scalp.

The Natural colorant is pure and safe that offers deep tinting to the hair, without any side effect. You can use permanent hair colorant that has no ammonia or resorcinol. It gives beautiful and vibrant locks to you. The natural formula of hair colouring provides deep conditioning and protection to the scalp.

The enriched herbal components like Amla, Honeycomb, Sunflower Seeds, Wheat Germ, Aloe Vera and essential oils repairs the damaged hair and nourishes the scalp that strengthen the growth of the hair.

If you are also looking for a safe and reliable colorant product then use the superior Ammonia Free Hair Colour that enhances the natural shade of the locks and seals the shaft with nutrients and essential proteins. . It offers you the safe way of colouring and hiding greys.