Thursday, 22 January 2015

If You Are Allergic To Chemicals, Use Only PPD Free Hair Colour

Permanent Hair shading products have become fashionable among the youngsters as it permanently changes the natural shade of hairs with the vibrant colorant.  Almost every artificial dye has a certain proportion of noxious chemicals, invites various annoying diseases or, hair problems. Radically, a permanent colouring brand contains ppd and ammonia types of chemicals that is synthesized with the tinting powder or gel with an aim to permanently modify natural shade of the hair.

The PPD is commonly used in permanent colorants, because it is the perfect component that successfully changes colour for a long time and also hides grey hair. It is typically founded in darker shades as they require more authenticity for deep tinting. Direct contact with the scalp or another part of the body may cause irritating complication. It is also advised, person having sensitive skin must keep away from chemical based products as it may react with your skin. Moreover, any person allergic to chemicals may suffer from hazardous diseases like Asthma and even bladder cancer. To get rid of such dilemma, you can go for PPD free Hair Colour. It not only offers permanent hair colorants, but, also gives deep nourishment and conditioning, makes stronger and shiner hair.

It is quite difficult to find the natural based colorant product from the market as most of the brands have introduced natural colouring products, but in real, they may use an alternative chemical for effective colouring. In order to check the authenticity of the product, read out the ingredients. It will give you comprehensive knowledge about the product and its ingredients.

The natural based products are made only with herbal and organic extracts which include Amla, Jojoba, Shikakai, Brahmi, Aloe Vera, Heena, Indigo powder etc that gives natural tinting experience at very affordable cost. To get rid of annoying skin and eyes allergies, you should use PPD Free Hair Colour products, available in vibrant shades for permanent tinting without side effect.

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  1. Amla will tone down the red and helps in producing a much deeper, browner tone in henna Natural remedies for Premature Gray Hair Herbal Treatment and recovery.