Saturday, 31 January 2015

Nurture Your Scalp With PPD Free Hair Colour

People use various beauty products to look appealing and stylish. Artificial beauty products available in markets have the certain amount of chemicals that fades your natural beauty. And synthetic hair colouring products are one of the destroying fashions that are frequently used by the people to cover greys or to change the natural shade. These products may contain strong chemicals, used for deep and long-lasting tinting. But frequent use of synthetic product can cause various hair complications which include Complete/partial baldness, dandruff, dryness and dullness, breakage & damaging, premature greys and other allergic reactions. In order to avoid these situations, you should go for the natural integrated products. You can use PPD free hair colour, formulated with the natural components and ayurvedic remedies to make your hair radiant while maintaining and enhancing the natural beauty of hair.

The Natural colorant product has no ammonia and PPD which makes it safe and reliable for use. It’s instant tinting quality grabs the interest of the end-users. Commonly, permanent hair colouring products have certain amount PPD for long-lasting pigmentation and easy penetration. But direct exposure to the scalp may vaporize smoothness and moisture from the scalp. But, the natural integrated brand contains herbal colorant formulas that last for a long time without any chemical and side effect. It certainly used to give vibrant shade to the hairs, but its enriched ingredients nourish the scalp by giving proper proteins and vitamins. The brand has attained significant popularity by establishing themselves as the only company deals in providing Ayurvedic colorant products.

It is made with the fortified ingredients which include Amla, Reetha, Honeycomb, Bhringraj, Aloe Vera, and other essential oils, giving deep nourishment and protection to the scalp. This makes hair long, bouncy, smooth and strong. In addition, Indus Valley Hair Colour is available in the wide range of shades integrated with botanical and organic extracts, providing effective and long-lasting colorant to the hair.

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  1. Amla will tone down the red and helps in producing a much deeper, browner tone in henna Natural remedies for Premature Gray Hair Herbal Treatment and recovery.